Chief Financial Officer / Financial Controller / Bookkeeping & More (CFO Suite)

At The CEO Within, we believe that businesses deserve bookkeeping and financial support services that help businesses succeed. Our CFO suite of  services can cover just the basics in providing high-quality bookkeeping, P&L, and balance sheet preparation, or can include as much of your other financial management needs as required.

Traditional CPAs are focused on ensuring tax deduction maximization: critical for the personal finances of a business owner, but often lack the business management expertise to ensure that, as the owner, you

  1. understand your finances and can use your understanding to make smart, strategic business decisions,
  2. have appropriate fraud prevention controls in place, and
  3. have access to completed financials on a timely basis.

We offer three tiers of financial management support services to meet the needs of any business size or scope, on a virtual basis.

  • Chief Financial Officer – Financial Strategy, Cash Flow and Financial Forecasts (Including Pitch-deck/finance preparation for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital)
  • Controller – Financial controls, bookkeeping oversight and review, recommendation for set-up of books
  • Bookkeeping: Bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll management.

*We recommend weekly bookkeeping management to all clients, either internally or through our services.

Our services start at $600 and up per month for bookkeeping and many do not desire the in-depth level of bookkeeping that we provide, as they do not use their financial data to strategically run their business – they just use the books for IRS reporting. If that is the case, we are proud to support gig workers, by providing the following advertisement for other gig-based, lower-cost bookkeepers.