ADHDOutLoud Launch Party

Join us for the ADHDOutLoud mobile app launch party! About this event Happening on the 5th of April from 6pm to 7pm PST. A great chance to connect and find out more about the movement and how we are looking to help adults with ADHD, parents of kids with ADHD, professionals who work with people who have ADHD and the greater public understand ADHD better - it's so much more than just our tendency to be forgetful! Everything you need to know is on the Mobile App so, don't forget to Download the app! Pre-Register NOW! ADHDOutLoud Launch Party To learn more, view the full press release here. *The app is only available for pre-register before the launch date if you go to the Google Play Store and App Store.…
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Free App, ADHDOutLoud, Launched

Executive Leadership Coaching Blog, Press Release
ADHD expert counselor, diversity and inclusion consultant, and tech entrepreneur, Dr. Alice Vo Edwards, launches ADHDOutLoud, a new, free mobile app to provide free online support for ADHD Dr. Alice Vo Edwards, founder of The CEO Within LLC, has just launched a free mobile app, ADHDOutLoud, now available for pre-order in the Apple app store, and releasing on April 1, 2022. The goal is to bring awareness to the plight of ADHD patients while providing free peer support and increasing social support as well as access to resources for those struggling with ADHD. As an ADHD consultant and ADHD therapist who works with organizations and individuals on performance and life strategies, Dr. Alice is particularly passionate about supporting those with neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD. "I did my dissertation on the…
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