Startup Money

Don't break your piggy bank
Don’t break your piggybank before talking to us first about your options!

Funding a startup can be a challenge.

Many entrepreneurs use savings or their retirement to fund their startup venture. While managing cash and keeping debt low is a solid strategy, funding your business from your 401k without using ROBS can results in a large tax bill for early withdrawals that is simply unnecessary! 

The CEO Within has partnered with Guidant Financial, a provider of a specialty vehicle for accessing funds from your 401k that will help minimize your tax burden called a Rollover for Business Start-ups (AKA, ROBS). Want to learn more?

Fill in this form to be contacted by Jordan with Guidant Financial to discuss your options, or contact us to schedule your free 30-minute business strategy session.

  • About Guidant
    Guidant provides a full suite of financing options, including 401(k) Business Funding, SBA loans, Unsecured, Portfolio loans, and more, including ROBS!