Executive Functioning Support for ADHD

Professionals of all types with ADHD often struggle with the aspects of business management that require executive functioning skills. This includes executives, salespeople, educators, technical staff, independent contractors and entrepreneurs, to name a few!

What are executive functioning skills, and what tasks are impacted by executive functioning difficulties?

Executive functioning skills are a critical component of managing life and building a business. This include things such as:

  • Managing lists and prioritization
  • Scheduling (and remembering to attend, on time) meetings and appointments
  • Doing the “right thing” first
  • Completing boring, repetitive, but necessary tasks such as bookkeeping, tax filings, paperwork, and other “mundanes”

How can The CEO Within help me with Executive Functioning?

The CEO Within support for executive functioning support starts with scheduling an initial consultation to identify what areas you struggle with, what type of supports might be helpful for you, and your budget.

Depending upon what comes up within this conversation, support might include providing different tests for you to take to review and identify strengths and weaknesses in more depth, supporting your business with operational administrative support (can include any aspect of your business that you find ‘boring’ or hard to make yourself do, but know needs doing), or just providing assistance with setting goals and objectives, and providing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions to review and provide accountability and feedback on progress and challenges.