Adult ADHD Q&A with Neurodiversity Consultant Dr. Alice

Join us for ADHDOutLoud: Adult ADHD Q&A Session! Connect, ask questions and learn more about ADHD with neurodiversity consultant and adhd executive functioning coach Dr. Alice Vo Edwards. We will discuss expert adhd coaching and the best adhd online treatment options outside medicine.

About this event

The session will be hosted by Dr. Alice Edwards, founder of The CEO Within, LLC.

Dr. Alice is an industrial/organizational psychologist and technology strategist who works with individuals and organizations to promote wellbeing, increase performance, and support diversity and inclusion efforts particularly as a neurodiversity consultant. In this capacity, she works with individuals and organizations dealing with a neurodiverse issue such as ADHD to help identify and solve problems.

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Adult ADHD Q&A with Dr. Alice

Discussion with neurodiversity consultant and adhd executive functioning coach on expert adhd coaching, best adhd online treatment.

As Dr. Edwards discussed in her doctoral dissertation, neurodivergent employees have higher turnover rates than their neurotypical peers, and much remains unknown about how to improve their workplace experience. Adults who are neurodiverse have many struggles in life as well as in work. Within the overall sphere of diversity and inclusion initiatives and public awareness, there is still little awareness towards solving this problem, but it is growing and this event is part of Dr. Edwards and The CEO Within’s efforts to advocate for the best ADHD online treatment options and education including awareness and the importance of expert ADHD coaching to help adults with ADHD thrive.

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