Business Planning & Financing

We offer high quality business planning, strategic planning and fractional CFO services for small businesses and startups.

This can include creating 1-5 year financial models, and creating models and calculating valuations.

Our services start at $1000 and up for financial modeling. Contact us to learn more.

Business Financing

We strive to educate business owners and connect them with our partners, who are able to offer various strategies and cost-effective financial vehicles to help support business growth while minimizing taxes. Our consulting also includes providing recommendations on appropriate income generation or financing methods based on the business status.

Financing a business can be challenging and many entrepreneurs are not familiar with the different financing vehicles available. Funding vehicles available vary significantly based on individual and business credit-worthiness, time in business and other factors. Some vehicles may be particularly attractive to startups, or may provide different pros and cons based on your unique financial situation.

Business Funding From 401k

Funding your business from your 401k or planning to? Talk to us to learn about how to do so without taking a tax hit using ROBS.

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