Alice Vo Edwards

As an expert in startup operations, people, and finance management, Alice has supported small businesses for more than 15 years in roles ranging from Head of Shared People Services to Chief Financial Officer. She has been employee uno, and also managed teams of over 130 people. She has managed startups from the day they open their first bank account but also handled growing pains as organizational revenue has increased over $10-$15M, Her background includes a focus on working with tech, startup, internet and e-commerce companies. Her management benchmarks include building a scalable financial and operational management systems to scale a start-up from first month earning revenue to seven-figure monthly revenue in less than 2 years. In addition to her BA and MBA in business, Alice is completing a PhD in Industrial / Organizational Psychology with a focus on research and evaluation so she can further support businesses in evaluating and analyzing how products intersect with people wellbeing.

She writes a slightly wacky, slightly zany personal blog with personal reflections, links to projects, and occasionally a poem or two, at www.alicevoedwards.com