Adult ADHD and Relationships: How Expert ADHD Coaching Can Help

ADHD can be particularly devastating even to the best relationships. Perhaps your partner is not impressed by whatever you do anymore, or you feel they nag too much. As a result, you might begin to feel some emptiness, desperate to make your partner back off. If you experience these symptoms, the chances are that you have ADHD. And the worrisome thing is that partners or potential partners of people with ADHD often get frustrated and feel unappreciated. In the end, this only results in a damaging vicious cycle. Hence, people suffering from this reality must seek ADHD marriage counseling.

Thankfully, ADHD patients can now successfully manage and control their behavior with the help of expert ADHD coaching (Barkley, 2015; Pfiffner & DuPaul, 2015).

According to research, the first person to present the idea of personal coaching was Dr. Edward Hallowell in 1995. In the course of duty as a Psychiatrist, Dr. Edward was exposed to many challenges. He realized how difficult it was to manage people with ADHD. Even after mustering all professional skills and courage, it was all futility.

What ADHD patients need is more intensive support in terms of expert ADHD coaching. And this is put into perspective in the article “Coaching: An Adjunct to the Treatment of ADHD.” Here, Dr. Edward Hallowell notes that patients need the best help they can get to keep their symptoms in check:

“While most of these patients want to succeed, their symptoms keep tripping them up…

Their problems lie not so much in assessing what they should do as it does in following through. Most individuals with ADHD can tell you what they would like to do; their problem lies in doing it.”

The article underscores the importance of ADHD coaches ­– they guide, support, ensure accountability, and also supplement ADHD treatment. Patients have to set goals, develop strategies and take action (Favorite, 1995). Now that we have laid a solid foundation for ADHD, it’s a convenient juncture to examine how expert ADHD coaching works.

How Does Expert ADHD Coaching Work?

Indeed, there’s no conclusive definition of what specifically comprises ADHD coaching (Wright, 2014). However, the primary responsibility of ADHD coaches is to understand the nature and impact of ADHD, support and also improve their clients’ life (Attention Deficit Disorder Association Subcommittee on ADHD Coaching)

Most people battling ADHD are usually disorganized and also struggle with time management. ADHD online coaching, therefore, helps patients build the necessary skill and strategize on how to beat these habits.

ADHD coach can be likened to a finance coach. Strictly speaking, both get paid for their time while offering professional service. However, ADHD coaches don’t position themselves as mere experts. They create a friendly atmosphere for the patient to let down his guard. ADHD patients should be the experts in this case and not the coach. You should not feel insecure with a coach. In essence, ADHD online coaching is collaborative.

Everyday realities usually influence ADHD patients. Hence, ADHD online coaching is about paying attention to the former’s daily lives. Coaches then break down daily goals into smaller targets in such a way that continuous progress is achieved.

Talking about the coaching formula, each ADHD online coaching has a format. And, of course, you should have a say on when to meet with your coach. Sometimes, weekly sessions could be all it takes to manage your condition. But there should be regular check-ins via video calls, emails, or text messages. Group sessions are also effective when it comes to managing ADHD and relationships.

For the best results, Adult ADHD coaches work together with other professionals. It is noteworthy that ADHD coaches are not therapists. But your coach can refer you to a competent therapist as the situation warrants. Likewise, if you need to see a doctor or nutritionist, it is smoother with expert ADHD coaching. These professionals never have a clash; they only complement each other in terms of ADHD treatment.

What Are the Advantages of ADHD Online Coaching?

  • Improved Emotions

ADHD patients usually have self-doubts. They feel so less of themselves that frustrations and anxiety become their daily reality. The effect is that partners of people with ADHD will also get frustrated, therefore leaving a crack in the relationship. Thus, the importance of ADHD marriage counseling cannot be overemphasized here.

Irrespective of the emotional roller-coaster, expert ADHD coaching will make you see your value. With time, you will learn self-acceptance, improve your relationship, and gain more confidence.

  • Personalized Strategies

There can be no effective treatment without a diagnosis. In the first instance, you should bear in mind that there are variations of ADHD, namely the inattentive type, the hyperactive-impulsive type, and the combination type. You could belong to the combination type while believing that you are the inattentive type. Perhaps your case is even more delicate because an underlining mental disorder has reinforced ADHD. Irrespective of the peculiarity of your case, ADHD coaches will diagnose your condition and map out an accurate program.

  • Reliable Support Structure

No matter what we do, we all need support at some point. And even more importantly, people with ADHD deserve the best support structure they can ever get. In fact, your condition might keep getting worse if you are not accountable to someone like ADHD coaches. Unlike an average person, ADHD coaches are well-informed and experienced. They know where the shoe pinches. Thus, you can rely on them to improve your condition.

The Bottom Line

Since 1995, ADHD coaching has proved to be an effective strategy to manage and treat ADHD. First off, coaching improves ADFHD symptoms and executive functioning (Ahmann et al.; ADHD Coaching Research). Frances Prevatt and Sherry Yelland also confirm the efficacy of ADHD coaching after researching 45 adults.

During ADHD coaching sessions, you should have chemistry with the coach. If you are looking to get ADHD online coaching with new methods and insights, today is just your lucky day. If you like, you can attend the session alone and get fresh perspectives on how to walk through your challenges. Likewise, you and your partner can join in with me and make it easier to arrest the situation with ADHD marriage counseling. Why not book an appointment via this link today?


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