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Employee Turnover Rate Percent in the US according to BLS in 2021
Percent of business fail due to team/staffing problems
Percent of C-Suites In The Software Tech Industry That Are Women
Percent of Adults with ADHD Symptoms During The Pandemic


Alerive Innovation Hub
The Alerive Innovation Hub is the division of The CEO Within LLC focused on technology, research &am...
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Career Coaching with DRiV
Learn About Drive We are certified to offer Individual, Team and Group Assessments and Coaching us...
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Executive Functioning Support for ADHD

Professionals of all types with ADHD often struggle with the aspects of business management that require executive functioning skills. This includes executives, salespeople, educators, technical staff, independent contractors and entrepreneurs, to name a few!

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Career Support and Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities
Are you struggling to achieve your career aspirations, and dealing with a disability? The CEO Wi...
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Team Building Events
Team building events are a wonderful way for out-of-town groups and local organizations to bring sta...
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Grants, Requests for Proposals, & Other Project Management
Grants and RFPs are extremely technical, process oriented, and writing and finance-heavy tasks. Depe...
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What's Happening

Free App, ADHDOutLoud, Launched
March 5, 2022
ADHD expert counselor, diversity and inclusion consultant, and tech entrepreneur, Dr. Alice Vo Edwards, launches ADHDOutLoud, a new, free mobile app to provide free online support for ...
A Guide to Supporting Your Child With ADHD
April 19, 2022
Understanding ADHD is essential to providing the right support for your child. And finding the right ADHD coaching for parents can be the ultimate tool for success. What's going on in your...
Neurodiversity: A Workplace Asset (How Expert Diversity & Inclusion Consultants Can Help)
April 19, 2022
Defining Neurodiversity Neurodiversity refers to a difference in neurocognitive functioning. It is an all-encompassing term that refers to autism, ADHD, dyslexia, Tourette’s syndrome, anxiet
Adult ADHD and Relationships: How Expert ADHD Coaching Can Help
April 19, 2022
ADHD can be particularly devastating even to the best relationships. Perhaps your partner is not impressed by whatever you do anymore, or you feel they nag too much. As a result, you might b...
The Benefits of Seeking an Expert ADHD Counselor
April 19, 2022
Adult ADHD and Work Challenges While those living with ADHD are still quite capable of achieving successful careers and thriving personal lives, others have difficulty managing the many cha...
Adult ADHD Q&A with Neurodiversity Consultant Dr. Alice
March 29, 2022
Join us for ADHDOutLoud: Adult ADHD Q&A Session! Connect, ask questions and learn more about ADHD with neurodiversity consultant and adhd executive functioning coach Dr. Alice Vo Edwards...
ADHD & Relationships Q&A with Dr. Alice
March 26, 2022
Join us for ADHDOutLoud: ADHD & Relationships Q&A Session! Connect, ask & learn about how we want to help people with ADHD in relationships. About this event The session will be ...

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