HR, Recruiting, and People Management (CPO Suite)

When you need expert support in recruiting, hiring, and managing employees, look no further than The CEO Within. Our founder was a Chief People Officer prior to founding The CEO Within, and has overseen and supported hiring and employee management in Nevada for companies from between 1 to 150 employees.

Not sure you need a third-party to handle your HR or Recruiting? Learn more about the costs of mistakes related to recruiting or HR management.

We offer three tiers of people support services to meet the needs of any business size or scope, on a virtual basis, as well as recruiting services.

People Support

  • Chief People Officer – Hiring and Retention Strategy, Employee Needs Forecasting, Development or Revision of Employee Manuals
  • HR Management – new hire onboarding, tests (drug testing, background checks, etc.), managing time off requests, scheduling, 90 day and annual reviews, organizing and planning team bonding events, and much more.
  • Payroll Management – collecting timesheets and submitting payroll


  • Technical Recruiting (Based in Industrial/Organizational psychological principals, we have several unique recruiting mechanisms we recommend to increase the odds of hiring high quality talent that is also a good fit for your unique company culture)
  • Non-Technical Recruiting
  • Administration of Pre-Hire Tests (Skills, aptitudes)