Career Support and Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities

Are you struggling to achieve your career aspirations, and dealing with a disability?

The CEO Within provides individual career coaching, support, and advocacy to help you identify outcomes you can seek to attain for your career that are realistic within the limitations of your particular disability, and help you develop and work on completing a plan to attain your desired outcomes. Methods include utilizing various psychological personality assessments such as DRiV, and developing SMART goals.

Whether you’re dealing with a neurological disability, mental illness, or physical disability, often, there are ways to receive support that you may be overlooking or not know to ask for or look into. These will also be examined to ensure you know about and have the ability to consider applying for all the social and economic supports available to you.

These can include:

  • Work or school mentoring
  • Workplace accommodations
  • Resources for vocational training

While we can let clients know about the potential supports available in their community, not every individual chooses to utilize all methods of support, due to the potential for stigma or negative ramifications which may be present in some work settings. Whether or not you choose to disclose your disability outside of your personal coaching sessions is a personal choice.